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  • Puerto Rico watercolor art print


    This image of Puerto Rico was painted in order to raise funds to help the people of Rincon after Hurricane Maria devastated much of the island. 

    It was done in honor of one of my customers, Megan, who has a strong personal connection to the island after traveling there numerous times. She discovered western Puerto Rico 6 years ago by winning an online vacation auction. Ever since, she has made PR her "home away from home". Every 3-4 months, she has found her way back- taking her daughter with her along the way. In 2015, her daughter settled in Rincon, fell in love, and recently gave birth to Megan's granddaughter (now 15 weeks old).  

    I have also personally enjoyed travel to this beautiful island, spending time in Rincon while I was an art student in college. It is my heart that this image celebrates the strength and beauty of PR, and that the sales of this piece can directly help the people of Rincon. I have partnered with Megan to make sure that the money raised is used in the best possible way, and I fully trust that the recipients of her GoFundMe project will be so blessed to have the support. 

    You can read more about her personal project here: https://www.gofundme.com/4j1xsbs

    Thank you so much for your help!