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  • Messy Bun Art Print


    This messy bun art print depicts a girl enjoying her morning (afternoon or evening) coffee. I painted this piece on International Women's Day to celebrate all of the hard working women out there. Messy bun getting stuff done, right?

    I had shared my own personal story on my instagram (rachelalvarezart) and facebook pages, and many other women seemed to relate. This is what I wrote: "Today I was tagged in a post on Facebook for #internationalwomensday . One of my closest friends, a very successful business woman, had coupled me with a very long list of other women that she said inspires her every day. I have to say that it stopped me in my tracks. 

    You see, it's been a weird few years for me. For a long time I identified myself as a successful business woman, pushing to reach the height of my own personal corporate ladder. I identified success with pay and accolades. After I became a SAHM I had no real standard for success. I would go to events with my "working" friends and feel so out of place because I felt like I had lost touch with me and every one else around me. Honestly, I was feeling isolated, while in reality I was never, ever alone. In the last year I have really endeavored to change that mindset. To be accepting of myself, my role, my place in the world. I've been doing my best to enjoy all of the variety of each single day I have the immense blessing to live. So, although my hair is almost inevitably going to be in a messy bun, and I might still be in my pajamas, not by choice but necessity, I am happier than I have ever been. My identity is not lost. In fact, these chaotic moments are like tiny celebrations of living. Nothing is ever dull, and I still get to drink coffee and paint while my kiddos are napping. Life as a woman is a beautiful thing. Happy International Women's day, you powerful women. You are successful being you. That's.all."

    My hope is that when you look at this piece you see how powerful you are-how big of a difference you make-how irreplaceable your talent and vision is. No one else is YOU.

    *Please note that I have painted a brunette ( and blonde) version of this piece. You can see her in the last picture of this listing.

    This piece is hand-signed in pencil on the front. Each print is carefully placed into an acid free cello sleeve and shipped via USPS First Class in a sturdy white mailer. It is shown here framed as an example. Framing is not included in your purchase. 

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